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DIY Fall Wreath (Dollar-Store-Challenge)

Celebrate the start of #fall by creating your very own festive wreath! It's so fun and easy. Did I mention this was a #dollarstorechallenge??!

It’s Fall Y’all!!! Time for cinnamon and cider, scarves and sweaters, hayrides and harvest moons and of course- CRAFTS! I knew I wanted to do a fun fall craft, but I did not have any ideas. Yes, inspiration was once again aloof. I have a few tactics in dealing with this issue- take a break, walk the dogs, fight crime, read a book or a fun fail-safe- dollar store shopping!! I know that sounds odd, but I have gotten some great inspiration wandering around in there. There are tons of things to repurpose, and so many craft supplies. I went to my local store and spoiler alert… This entire wreath (minus the glue) is all made from dollar store finds, everything!!

As I wandered the dollar store, I noticed a lot of Halloween costumes, thanksgiving plates and placemats and all that fall floral out front. I grabbed some sunflowers because what’s a fall craft without sunflowers. Then the ribbon, the adorable burlap leaves, metallic mesh garland, more flowers, more ribbon and then BAM- I was making a wreath. They had a wreath base, but it was one of those scary metal wire ones that no one knows what to do with, so I kept looking. Back in their “floral department” I found these great willow stick wreaths, but I couldn’t decide which size. As I held them up side-by-side trying to decide which to choose I decided I kind of liked them side-by-side so they both went in the basket. Then I saw the floral wire and knew that the word ‘y’all’ was going on there somewhere! About $12 later I was headed home to the craft lair.

I first connected the wreaths with fishing line, weaving in and out a few times for a sturdy hold, then it was time to decorate. I started with the garland. To get that loopy look behind the wreath I glued it to the back in a cursive ‘e’ pattern using both colors here and there. I then attached the leaves, flowers and the mason jar (all with hot glue) and mentally prepared for the wired words. I hadn’t done this before because my handwriting, in a word, is atrocious. BUT I have been working hard on lettering lately, so I was determined.The floral wire is what you want because it is much easier to bend and manipulate than normal craft/jewelry wire (and it comes in cool colors). I chose to write the words out on paper and then follow over with the wire. You will probably need needle-nose pliers for the sharp bends in the words. Some other fun phrases (since everyone isn’t a y’all-er) might be Hello Fall, Welcome Friends, Fall Blessings, Give Thanks etc. When you make your words you also want to leave a little extra wire on one side to connect to the wreath. Last is the ribbon. My ribbon abilities are sub-par but it’s an easy thing to fake. I didn’t actually tie anything, just loop and pinch. I took a length of both types of ribbon and made a big loop, ends meeting in the back, and laid the smaller on top of the larger. Then I twist tied that all together at the center “knot” and just tied a small piece over the twist-tie to hide it. Last I added two longer strips behind with hot glue. Yep, I’m a big ole’ faker bow-maker. Once you attach the bow, you’re good to go!! You can make a loop with fishing line and hang that bad boy up!!

What you need:

· Grape vine or willow wreath (one large, one small)

· Ribbon

· Burlap leaves (or any fake leaves)

· Seasonal fake flowers

· Metallic mesh tube garland

· Mini plastic mason jar

· Floral wire

· Fishing line

· Twist ties

· Hot glue/hot glue gun

· Needle-nose pliers

What to do:

· Weaving in and out, attach smaller wreath to larger using fishing line (you can attach top to bottom instead or side-to-side if you like!)

· Using hot glue, attach mesh garland behind wreath in a cursive ‘e’ pattern

· Glue leaves, flowers and mason jar onto wreath

· Write out your chosen words on paper and take the wire and carefully bend the wire to trace your words. You may need needle-nose pliers to make the sharper curves in the words, leave a length of wire on one side to attach to wreath

· Cut about 2 feet of larger ribbon and about 1.5 feet of smaller ribbon, make a loop with each length of ribbon, letting the ends meet and overlap slightly in the back

· Lay smaller ribbon on top of larger and twist tie the center, tie a small piece around the “knot” to cover twist tie

· Cut 2- 1.5 foot lengths, snip the ends at an angle and glue to back of bow (and now you’re a faker bow-maker too)

· Make a loop to hang with fishing line or wire, hang and enjoy!

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