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Scented Broom Gnome Buddies

This is a quick 5-minute-craft, ok, maybe 10 minutes depending on how you accessorize your gnomes; let’s just say it’s easy. I really like the scented brooms sold at the grocery store this time of year. They really get your nose ready for all the holidays but after Halloween I wasn’t feeling the broom part of it. So I decided to craft them into something that would last a little longer into the season.

I pretty much just took them apart and put them back together. I used wire snips to take off the thicker strands that create the “broom handle” and so forth. Once everything was separated I grabbed half and used a rubber band to pull a base together; sort of like tying up your hair but letting the twigs sprawl out to form the cone shaped gnome bodies. Repeat to make the second gnome and then use the wire snips (or scissors) to trim the bottoms so that they are even. If you are planning to hang them up you don’t need to worry too much about how even the bottoms are. I actually used a small terra cotta pot under them so that they stood up straight. You could do something similar or just spend a little more time trimming so that they stand alone.

As for their accessories I just used some scraps of fabric and hot glue (and wood beads for their little noses!). I used two old fall hand towels to create their little hats and apron. Just cut and glued what I thought was cute. You could also just use a sock or a sleeve for the hats and make it even easier! Have fun with it, they are so cute and funny; sure to make for some great conversation!

What you need:

• Scented broom(s), I used 2

• Rubber bands

• Wire snips or pruning shears

• Fabric or sock

• Hot glue

• Wooden bead or ball

What to do:

1. Cut broom apart and separate twigs.

2. Cut twigs shorter if needed.

3. Grab a bunch of twigs and fasten the top with a rubber band.

4. Trim bottoms of twigs to make the bottom of your gnome even.

5. Decorate and add nose with hot glue.

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