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DIY Interchangeable HOME Sign

Some of my favorite projects have been the product of an impulse clearance buy… I’m not saying this is one of those.. No, it totally is. On my last trip to my local craft store I stumbled across these letter blocks in the clearance section. They are not exactly my style but I liked the shape (and the price) so I decided I could figure something out. They only had certain letters left, none of which spelled anything relevant to my life so I just grabbed 4 and decided to figure it out later.

The interchangeable Home signs are really popular right not but they’re always so big and I don’t have much BIG space left as far as decorating so I’ve held off on buying (or making) one. After some brainstorming I decided these would be perfect for a little spin on the trend, and it will be fun to come up with all the new inserts as the seasons change! The following instructions are for the wood blocks that I found but you could create this project on one longer plank or any other shape of wood cutouts or blocks. Extra points if you find them on clearance like I did!!

I started out painting, I didn’t mind the white wash but I had to cover the letters so I just painted on the front, leaving the white wash and wood grain exposed on the sides. I went with four varying shades of turquoise to mimic sort of an ombre effect. I didn’t use tape, just painted carefully but you could use painters tape for a clean line if you would like a similar look. I needed two coats for full coverage over the letters. After they were painted I started embellishing. I found some really great decorative brass thumbtacks that I used to add a little flair. Then added the decorative burlap ribbon and flowers; for attaching the burlap I used a combination of hot glue and E6000 (super glue) to get the hold of E6000 as well as the speed of hot glue. Then of course the letters; I used precut wooden letters that I painted white. You could also just paint the letters right onto the wood.

Now for the fun part, the add-ons!! The whole appeal of this trendy project is that interchangeable O. I used some unfinished wood rounds to paint and create the pumpkin, wreath and snowman but the possibilities are endless with these! Basically anything you want to craft to make that O will work; everything from pets to flowers, sports to fruits and hobbies to veggies!! Simply add a little magnet to the back of the insert (that matches up with the “O” in Home) and voila! I am really excited to keep crafting little inserts for this sign that are special to my family and me.

What you need:

• Four wooden blocks (or one rectangular plank)

• Acrylic paint

• Brushes

• Embellishments (decorative tacks, ribbon, flowers, etc.)

• Small magnets

• E6000 or other super glue

• Hot Glue

• Small unfinished wood rounds (or similar to create seasonal inserts)

What to do:

1. Paint blocks or plank to desired color.

2. Embellish with decorations.

3. Paint on letters (or use pre cut wooden letters) creating the word ‘Home’ while leaving ‘O’ blank.

4. Use super glue to glue a small magnet where the ‘O’ in home belongs.

5. Create mini seasonal inserts and add a magnet to the back of each, using super glue.

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