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Sew Easy Dog Bandana

If you know me, you know my dogs are family. While I like to think they are not spoiled, they probably are. They get special homemade cookies and treats from a doggie bakery (Baked With Love Treats). They sleep comfortably in their beds (or mine) every night. They have a backyard to play and run in and are even known to float in the pool from time to time. To be fair they do earn their keep, you can find Obie (aka #CEObie) working her tail off (figuratively) at Hot Pots Painting and Pottery Studio. She has won multiple coveted awards for her superior greeting skills. Olive Juice works behind the scenes as the CFO (aka #CFOlive) making sure things sail smoothly on a daily basis. So really, they do deserve a luxurious life.

With all that being said I am sure you can assume that they are also quite fashionable. I am not a head-to-toe accessorized dog mom, although Obie does have a good t-shirt collection to be honest. Olive however is not a fan of t-shirts, but she will rock a bandana. I love when they match so they always have matching collars but with their size difference it is hard to find bandanas that match. I also prefer the ones that thread onto their collars because they are both shorties (or lowriders) the ones that tie on always end up under their paws. So, to make my girls twinning looks I decided to make them myself.

This pattern is very easy, even for the novice sewer. It was completed using a (retro chic) sewing machine but could be done by hand if need be. The most important thing to remember is to keep things flat and get your lines with the iron because that is what makes it easy. And be sure to go by your dogs collar size, some are bigger or smaller so just be sure it will thread on your collar before sewing. Pro Tip 7392: Measure twice, cut once. I also recommend using woven (less stretchy) fabrics as they will be easier to sew. You can use a printed fabric on one side with a solid fabric of a corresponding color on the other side. Another option is to use two different patterner fabrics so that you have a reversible bandana.


Line A: Small -10 Inches

Medium- 12 Inches

Large- 14 Inches

Line(s) B/C: Small: 1.5 Inches

Medium: 2 Inches

Large: 2.5 Inches

Line(s) D/E: Small: 6 inches

Medium: 8 Inches

Large: 10 Inches

Line F: Small: 10 inches

Medium: 12 Inches

Large: 14 Inches

(Cut pattern twice, one in each fabric)

What you need:

· 1/2 yard Fun fabric plus another 1/2 yard of plain fabric in a corresponding color (you could also do two fun fabrics to create a reversible bandana)

· Sewing machine or needle and thread

· Iron/ironing board

· Straight pins

· Fabric scissors

· Ruler or triangle

What to do:

1. Cut out pattern from both fabrics (measure your dogs’ collar first) if your dog wears a wider collar you may need to make B and C measurements slightly longer

2. Iron both pieces and pin together with the right side facing in (the pretty sides of the fabric are facing eachother)

3. Sew together line A on the pattern

4. Open up fabric onto ironing board so that your new seam is in the center (right side facing the ironing board

5. Fold line B and C over 1.5 inches and iron (this will make a hem so that no unfinished fabric shows

6. Sew hem on lines B and C

7. Refold bandana on A seamline, right sides facing in, and sew together sides D and E

8. Pulling out from line B turn your piece right side out, use a pencil or the end of a wooden spoon to stretch the edges out fully and iron

9. Last, sew line F to complete your bandana and thread onto your pups collar

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