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Sassy Safari Planter

Well folks, it’s a weird time to be alive. Everyone is feeling anxiety at this uncertain time, but I want to brighten your day with a FUN (admittedly kind of weird) quarantine craft! This craft falls under the #dollarstorechallenge and/or #thriftstorechallenge because you could get everything you need (minus the spray paint) at either place. The little critters were found thrifting (and at the time I did not have a plan for them, but they made me chuckle) and the planter was a dollar store grab. If you’re a craft supply hoarder like me, you might even have everything for this project at home already!!

I cannot verbalize what it is was exactly that made my brain think- Hey, Mel. Meeeeel, glue those weird safari animals to a planter. And then, you know what?? Spray paint it ALL silver! Like I said, it’s a weird time to be alive. Whatever compelled me to do it I’m glad because I am in love with it. My owl bookends were even evicted from my desk to make room for it (gasp)!! Every time I look at it, I smile and dang-it I need that right now!

I used E-6000 to glue the animals to the planter. By the way you could use any animals or figurines, dinosaurs would be cool. Any super glue will work but E-6000 is what always works best for me. They will stay in place and begin to stick sooner if you do a dot of glue on the planter and on the animal and let it set a minute. Once the glue is tacky, place the animal on and it will hold faster. OR (Pro Tip #2475) you can use tape to hold them on while the glue dries. I always let the glue dry overnight. You can spray paint with any color you like, I like the outcome with the silver.

I chose to plant succulents because I am the Sultana of Succulents, but you can choose whatever type you like. I just love me some succulents and I thought they worked well with the safari theme of the animals. Being cooped up I have also gotten crafty with my cocktail concoctions so while I made this, I was sipping on what I like to call a Rasberry QuarinTito(s), if you’re in the mood, check the recipe below! And cheers to more fun quarantine crafts and everyone keeping their heads up! Stay well!

What you need:

· Planter

· Plastic toy animals

· E-6000 (or similar glue)

· Metallic silver spray paint

What to do:

· Wipe planter and animals with wet paper towel

· Glue animals to planter, let dry overnight

· Spray paint planter

· Plant some plants and voila!!

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