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Repurposed Speaker Box

I am flipping out over this speaker flip!! $5 at the thrift store = Retro chic speaker stand & shelf!!

Before and after! #speakerflip #diy #shelfgenius

Years ago I purchased an antique typewriter at an estate sale. I fell in love with it. The weight of it, the carry and cover case, its sturdiness and of course the magical sounds it makes when typing. This laptop I’m on right now has nothing on it. I imagined my future home with a desk in the entry way with the typewriter on it, used as a message board. Fast-forward 5 years and we buy a house (which I love) but NO entryway. Dang Florida open floor plans. So, the typewriter went into a closet until I figured out what I could do with it. Recently while cleaning I came back across it and became determined to display it. I decided it could fit into a little corner between the front door and kitchen. It is much too heavy to mount on a shelf on the wall, so I needed a standing shelf/stand or table to fit in the tiny corner. The wheels started turning and off to the thrift store I went!!

My mother-in-law was along for the ride and we split up to divide and conquer. If we didn’t score at the thrift store the plan was to hit Hobby Lobby (yes I know, dangerous). So I scoured my side of the store with no luck and then went to find her and retreat to the lobby. She said, “What about a speaker box?”

At first that sounded crazy but I went to check it out and gave it a thought. It was sturdy and the right height but it did not speak to me (even as a speaker). Since it was only $5 we bought it but planned to come back to pick it up if we struck out elsewhere.

Once we got in the truck to head to the lobby the wheels REALLY started turning. I thought I could disassemble it a little and paint some of the inner parts. Then I was sold, ready to give that speaker LIFE and purpose! We walked into the lobby and my MIL remarked about some furniture there, but I was rallying too hard around her crazy beautiful speaker idea. I was only there for spray paint now, blinders on (cause like I said, the lobby is dangerous). I chose a hammered gold and kind of an army green and went to pick up the speaker. Sidenote: SUPER proud of both of us for being able to escape the lobby without filling a cart!

It was more or less an easy project. The mesh cover on the front pulled right off to reveal 3 speaker heads (cones) which I removed with a screwdriver. I just cut the wires off since I was repurposing it. I cleaned and spray painted the cones in the army green color. The diaphragm (mesh part) will need more coats, I found it easiest to spray it, let that set and spray again. The mesh will take 3-4 coats for even coverage. After the cones were painted I taped off the sides of the speaker box itself and spray painted the front with the hammered gold color, this too will take 3-4 coats for even coverage. Once everything dried I re-attached the cones to the box and voila!!

Now my typewriter finally had a home!! I set it up on its fancy new shelf and detached the top cover to make another repurposed shelf!! (Who knew I was a shelf genius!?) I decorated the shelf with some antique accessories that came with the typewriter and added a page and typed ‘leave a message’. I am so happy with it! A repurposed speaker that gave purpose to my typewriter that repurposed its case to yet another repurposed shelf! #shelfgenius

What you need:

· An old speaker box

· Spray paint

· Screwdriver

· Wire cutter

· Painters tape

· Something really cool to put on your new shelf/stand!

What to do:

· Clean speaker and inner cones

· Detach cones and spray paint desired color

· Tape off the sides of the speaker and spray paint the front to desired color

· Let dry

· Reattach speaker cones

· Enjoy!!

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