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Rainbow Flower Crowns (& The Pride Parade)

Who needs snapchat when you can craft your own flower crowns?! Customize these for any occasion!

This week I made an easy fun craft for my friends and I to wear to walk as allies in the Pride Parade alongside the other amazing members of The Orlando Dog Mom Club. So, this post will be 3 tiered, first I will tell you about the craft, then brag about the amazing club I am a part of and lastly, I will gush about the parade.

The Flower crowns, while super-adorable are also super-easy. All you need are plastic headbands, fake flowers (whatever size and color you’d like) and hot glue. I also added some pearl beads, you can add whatever you like as well to fit your theme. I of course went for rainbow roses for the parade. All there is to do is hot glue those bad boys on there and you are set!! Fun fact, if you get hot glue on you it hurts significantly less if you let it dry and peel it off than if you rip it off while still hot. That didn’t happen to me, at all, just a fun fact. On an unrelated thought, you might want to wear oven mitts or heat protection gloves when you’re holding the headband and gluing your flowers. But seriously I have made fun headbands like these for costumes, Disney days, Birthdays and more. You can get really creative and personalize them as well.

#Obie repping for the #ODMC

Now about the awesome club that I had the pleasure of joining this year! The Orlando Dog Mom Club is just like it sounds, awesome ladies that have dogs and live in the Orlando area, but it’s so much more! This community of women is so supportive and so fun to be a part of. Whether you are looking for doggy dates for your pup, fun events that your pups are welcome to or simply to scroll through your social media and see the cutest dogs ever, #ODMC is where it’s at! Those ladies make me smile everyday. Not to mention making me feel normal for treating my dogs like the family members that they are. I have never been in a group that was so positive and caring. To have the opportunity to walk with those lovely ladies and their pups in the Pride Parade was truly a blessing.

It is hard to find words for how walking in the parade made me feel but I can just say that my heart is full. So much love, an outpouring of love, for everyone. Everyone!! I was so proud to support the community and walk with my fellow dog moms of The Orlando Dog Mom Club. It was an experience I will cherish. Love is love people, spread it around like GLITTER!!

What you need:

· Plastic headbands

· Fake fowers

· Hot glue gun/glue

What to do:

· Carefully glue your flowers to your headband and turn off those snapchat filters cause you don’t need them anymore!!!

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