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Painting Denim

I recently painted my denim apron to make it a little more fun and have received lots of compliments and comments. Thanks guys!! Since I am always trying to spread that happiness like glitter I am going to show you how to spice up your own denim!!

You can paint anything from jeans to jackets and more. I did decals but you can also tape off a back pocket or back panel of a jacket and do a whole scene too. If you are painting something that will be washed and dried often (like jeans) you will want to mix your paint with a fabric medium (for acrylic paint) found at any craft store. I just used plain acrylic paint since my apron is really just a spot clean situation and won’t normally be put into the washer and dryer. The fabric medium makes the paint stand up a little better to that.

After you plan what you would like to paint you can trace or sketch the outline on your denim. Next paint a coat of white over the area where you will paint. A coat of white will make your colors more vibrant on the denim. Once your white coat dries completely you can paint your colors over the white. I always find it easier to paint lighter colors first and darker on top. I also used an acrylic paint pen to add the outlines and smaller details on my design.

Let the paint dry completely on your design. To seal in the design and make it more permanent you can iron it. Use a thin cloth (such as a bandana) to cover the design and iron over top of it. Use the cotton (or hot) setting on your iron and go over it slowly to get it nice and hot. Let it cool completely and then you are ready to wear your new painted denim! It is a great way to update some pieces in your wardrobe. A couple great options would be painting the back panel on a denim vest or jacket (it IS jean jacket season y'all) or you could upgrade an old denim purse! Have fun with it and show me your finished products!!

What you need:

· Denim jeans, jacket, vest or apron

· Acrylic paint

· Fabric medium for acrylic paint (optional)

· Thin fabric (like a bandana)

· Iron and ironing board

What to do:

· Plan and sketch your design onto your denim

· Paint one coat of white over your design

· Paint your design

· Let dry completely

· Cover with bandana or other thin fabric and iron over design

· Let cool

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