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Garden Goals: 5 Fun Garden Crafts

Pro-Tip #637: Always garden with doggos #obieolive

This week I wanted to share some fun garden ideas that I have used through the years. My garden (tied with the craft lair) is my happy place. If you don't have space for an outdoor garden that's ok! You can have a window garden, patio garden or container garden and still utilize fun garden crafts! There is something very therapeutic about tending a garden of your own. Planting seed(lings), watching the growth and benefiting from what you’ve grown is very rewarding. I plant veggies and fruits that I feed to my family (including daily meals for my pet bun, Cauliflower) which makes me feel like a superhero. I also have a flower garden to help save the bees and butterflies, and its real purdy to look at too! I have lots of fun decorating my garden as well with fun gnomes (and gnomettes), pinwheels and of course some garden crafts! Below are a few of my favorites!

Tonka Truck Planters:

These are my absolute favorite planters ever. I found them at a surplus/salvage yard and knew I needed them in my life. I had my handy husband drill holes through the bottoms of the truck beds and added a little “tailgates” with some scrap wood so they would hold dirt and drain. They work great for any plant that can survive in shallow soil. Succulents and small flowers have worked best for me. #trucksareforgirls


These are the easiest, cutest projects. All you need are golf balls (I got a dozen from the thrift store for a buck), red and black acrylic paint and black marbles. All there is to do is glue (E-6000) the marbles onto the golf balls (anywhere is fine, the marbles are the ladybugs head) and paint them red all over. Then add a stripe down the center to separate the wings and add spots!! I have these hiding all over my garden! #luckyladybug

Bee Bath:

A great thing to do to help #savethebees is creating a bee bath. A bee bath provides a water source for bees while they are out there working hard. You can make it out of any shallow dish and add stones or gems for them to land on and drink. I made mine from an overturned pot that I painted black and yellow and attached (E-6000) wooden spoons (with the handle cut off and spray-painted silver) for wings. I then attached a small ceramic dish and added stones and gems for landing in the shallow water. #savethebees #beebath #beekind

Wine Cork Plant Markers:

These are SO FUN and easy. I got a bunch of forks from the thrift store, strung some pony beads on the prongs of the forks and topped them with wine corks (that I just had laying around, wink-wink). Iridescent beads work best to catch the sunlight and these have lasted me for years, I just redo the writing when it wears off! #wineandcrafts

Garden Cart:

I scored this amazing metal cart at a flea market!! All it needed was some cleaning up and WD-40 for a squeaky wheel and it was ready to rock! I decorated it with a fun sign and loaded it up with some garden tools and necessities; now I cart it out anytime I am working in my garden! #lettuceturnipthebeet #lifesagardendigit #freeweeds

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