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DIY Umbrella Stand & Mosiac

Concrete and a large flower pot are all you need for a sturdy umbrella stand that is easily moveable!! AND you can add a mosaic on top to make it even more eye-catching!

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Florida Fall has officially begun!! To be honest it's basically still summer but there are pumpkins... Fall is my favorite season for my garden because I can tend it without sweating buckets… it’s HOT. But I am starting to feel that lovely breeze in the air and I’m excited. I have been wanting and needing a shade umbrella for the garden, both for me when I’m out there sweating and for some more fragile plants that don’t need as much sun. I have tried this twice with store bought umbrella stands but they simply don’t last. They both got wobbly after a couple weeks and rusted and died. My husband recently man crafted a flagpole using a large bucket filled with concrete to hold the pole. It works perfectly for a full-sized flagpole and we can easily move it if we need to. After my store-bought stands failed, I decided to turn his man craft into a Mel craft.

I had some extra concrete from a recent project, Crafty Concrete Pumpkins (wink-wink) and I always have flowerpots handy, so I went for it! I used a large flowerpot, filled it with concrete, stuck in the umbrella pole and voila!! But of course, I did not stop there. I needed to craft it up!! I decided to do a mosaic on top around the pole to give it some flair. If you don’t want to mosaic that’s fine! Just carve some initials in there, or a puppers pawprint! OR if you don’t necessarily need an umbrella stand you can use this idea to make your own bird bath, just don’t add the pole/umbrella. For this project I actually didn’t need the craft store!! I just rummaged around the craft lair to see what I could find. I had a bag of seashells, a bag of marbles and some stained glass from a previous shenanigan so, obviously, beach theme!!

If you don’t have anything around there are some great options out there at your local craft store. You will also need mosaic tile glue and grout as well. The first thing to do is place your pieces. You can place them right on your base and glue one by one or you can cut out paper to the same size, map it on there and then spread glue on your piece and add the pieces. I tend to map out and glue my basic plan and then wing it… probably not the best way but I am who I am… Basically just go little by little so you can get the outcome you want. I started out gluing the shells, then the marble swirl. That was my basic plan, so after that was set, I added the glass and smaller pebbles to get the look of a wave. After your pieces are glued and set it’s time for grout. I get pre-mixed white grout, its fool proof. I use gloves and squish it into the cracks with my fingers, make sure you get all the nooks and crannies. It is pretty messy at first but once it starts to harden a little (about 15 minutes) you want to take a cloth or sponge and start wiping the excess grout off of your tiles. After it is pretty well cleaned off (it can still be a little cloudy) let it set another hour and then polish it with a wet cloth or sponge.

Mosaics are really fun because you can kind of use anything from glass to tiles to stones, marbles, charms, beads WHATEVER! If you shop for your pieces you can also find some great kits and sets that take the guesswork out of great color combinations and themes. It is easier if you use like sized pieces for smoother grout application, mine was a little wild with the different types of pieces but it was rummage day! After your grout dries you can also add a water sealant if you like (I used Thompsons), most grout is already waterproof already but I wanted a little extra protection since I am planning to keep it outside. Once everything is dry/cured you are ready to display in your yard, porch or patio! Enjoy!

What you need:

· Bucket or large flowerpot

· Concrete (I used Quikrete)

· Umbrella

· Mosaic tiles, seashells, marbles, glass etc.

· Tile glue

· Pre-mixed grout

· Gloves

· Towel or sponge

· Water sealant (optional)

What to do:

· Mix concrete as instructions suggest

· Pour concrete into flowerpot, place umbrella post in the center, let set

· After concrete is set, glue your tiles (or shells or whatever)

· Let glue dry and add grout, use gloves and work grout into all the nooks and crannies

· Let grout sit about 15 minutes and then wipe off excess with a sponge or towel

· Let dry about an hour and polish with damp cloth

· Seal with waterproof sealant (if necessary/needed)

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