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If you were looking for the cutest, most amazing, adorable way to light up your life. Look no further.


This idea came out of necessity.. I had a very ugly lamp, but the best part about being crafty is that you can make ugly things pretty. Pretty and useful! This lamp had been sitting around forever and was just waiting to be transformed. Inspiration can be quite the shifty character, sometimes it oozes out of me and other times its nowhere to be found. Occasionally I like to purchase craft kits to spark some interest or learn a new trick so I grabbed a few kits and buckled up. One of the kits I found was a Craft Crush DIY Felt Succulents Kit. I have a bunch of succulents and whatnot hanging out so I figured it would be fun to add some funky fake ones to the mix. I unboxed the kit and started to check it out and then BOOM inspiration started oozing. That’s right - SuccuLAMP.

I figured I should paint and prep the lamp shade first so it would be ready to be assaulted with fake plants, so I decided to paint it a bright pink to offset the earthy tones of the felt. I did endure a small battle while painting the shade because remember, it was ugly. It had a really bad version of paisley print in black which the paint did not hide when the light was on. It was haunting me, laughing in my face, challenging me. After two coats of paint it still did not hide the pattern with the light on so I had to get serious. I had to call on the avenger of all crafts, the fixer of all uh-ohs, the shining queen of craftdom. That’s right folks, you guessed it- GLITTER. All I had was blue glitter which at the time I thought was not the right color but now am glad it was all I had because I love it. So a quick coat of the Podge on the inside of the shade and a shake of glitter and I was golden. Take THAT putrid paisley print. Side note: Try to not use a lamp shade with a black print unless you want glitter. Actually, never mind, I know you want glitter.

PRO TIP: It always helps to have a judgemental, slightly chubby cat-boy help you craft.

Once the lamp was painted and glittered it was time to assemble some succulents. The kit itself is awesome, whether you are making a lamp or just want some little cuties to decorate your shelves with. The felt is pre cut and all you really do is roll the felt and band it together at the base. The kit includes multiple felt colors and sizes which you can roll alone for smaller succulents or combine two together to create a larger, two toned version. The kit also includes chalk to add some highlights and color pops. The kit is well made and organized with very easy to follow instruction. It is easy to make some attractive little succulents and fun too! Once you have yours put together, try to organize them in your workspace first before putting them on your shade. I moved and mapped them around until they were in arrangement that I loved. Now to attach them. I used my ‘no one has time for patience’ gluing technique. This fancy technique utilizes the brute strength of E6000 (or similar super glue) with the ease and quickness of hot glue. So power up your glue gun and break out the super glue! Working with one succulent at a time you will make a sort of glue donut. Put a healthy dab of the super glue in the center and surround it with a circle of hot glue and stick it on your shade. This allows you to work quickly since the hot glue dries so quickly but ensures a good bond with the superglue (Never tell anyone about my secret technique… Just kidding, shout it from the rooftop!!)

Once all of your succulents are arranged and attached you’re done!!! Switch it on and light up your life!

What you need:

· A lamp that needs an upgrade (you can get plain lamp shades anywhere if you just want to add to an existing lamp)

· Acrylic paint

· Hot glue gun/sticks

· Super glue (E6000)

· Craft Crush DIY Felt Succulents kit

· Modge Podge (optional)

· Fine glitter (optional)

What to do:

· Paint lampshade to desired color (if leaving shade its current color, skip this step).

· (Optional) Paint modpodge, panel by panel inside shade and cover in fine glitter. Note: If completing this step be sure to use glue and glitter that are nonflammable and a low temperature bulb. (Safety first, people)

· Create your succulents using the Craft Crush DIY Felt Succulents kit.

· Arrange your succulents in your workspace how you’d like them on your lamp.

· Working one succulent at a time add a dab of glue to the center of the bottom and surround that with a circle of hot glue and place it into your shade. Continue until all succulents are placed.

· Use a low wat bulb and light up your life with your new SuccuLAMP!

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