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3 Fun Paint Tutorials (more records!)

A few weeks ago, I made a post on painting mandalas on records. After that I started to paint more records and I have really been having fun with them. My plan is to make enough to cover an area of wall in my kitchen, but I decided to bring you along for more of the journey! Since painting free hand can sometimes be daunting and intimidating, here are a few tutorials on some fun paintings. You can use these ideas to paint records, canvases, plates, jar lids or whatever you have around the house that needs a makeover! Have fun!

Citrus Slice!

So, this is a lime slice, but you can use the same directions with varied colors to create any citrus slice you like!! I started with 2 coats of white with a few drops of yellow, so it wasn’t white. I had to do 2 coats to get full coverage but depending on your type/quality of paint you may need more or less: you are just going for full coverage. After you have a base take a pencil and mark off the outermost line of each section. Just go along the edge of the record (or circle) making curved lines 3-4 inches long, you may have to erase and reposition a couple times. Now that you have your sections portioned simply take a ruler and follow each end of your curved lines to the center, creating your sections. You may have to adjust your angle a bit to be sure there is a little space between sections. Now it’s time to really paint!! I mixed a grass green with some bright yellow and a little white to get this bright limey color, I did do some shading with yellow and white here and there, (Pro-Tip #7462) if you are going to shade it is easiest (in my opinion) to do so when the paint is still a little wet which is why I painted and shaded each section individually. After painting and shading each section I added some darker green to the outermost edge for the skin and voila! lime slice!

Giraffe Silhouette

This technique can be done with any shape you like and is very easy to do. You first want to print or draw out your shape and cut it out. Next, tape the cutout onto your record (or canvas). To create the dots, I used 3 wooden dowels in varying sizes, you can also use the backs of paintbrushes, pencils or similar. I was going for an ombre sunrise look so I used white and 2 shades each of yellow, orange and red. Once your paper shape is taped to your piece you just dot around it. I found it was easier to start with larger dots and then fill in with smaller as I went. Get as close to the paper as you can without touching it. Once you have dotted to your heart’s desire, simply peel up the paper and ta-da!

Doughnut Worry be Happy

The doughnut record makes me smile, a lot. I covered the center with black for the hole. I then mixed brown and white to get the tan/beige tone for the cake part of the doughnut and covered the record (minus the center) with two coats. I did do some shading with a darker brown before it dried completely to add texture. Next I used the happiest pink I could find and frosted that bad boy! I just squiggled the frosting line by hand but if you wanted to you could sketch it out first, I also added some shading with white to mimic shine on the frosting. Lastly, I added the jimmies (or for people not born in Pittsburgh, sprinkles). I used fabric paint writers for the sprinkles as well as the word, but you could use regular paint too, I just liked the 3D element that they offered. Once it dries BAM you’ve got a doughnut and a mantra!

What you need:

· Old records or other canvas of your choice

· Acrylic paints, various colors

· Paintbrushes

· Wooden dowels (or the backside of your paintbrushes)

· Paper

· Pencil

· Ruler

· Scissors

· Fabric paint (optional)

What to do:

· Follow the above instructions and have a blast painting!!

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